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Issue Spotlight: Disappointing Telco Customer Service and Internet Delivery



Australian Telco customers are telling us, they are fed up with continued disruption to internet services and poor customer service standards. This is a serious problem, having a significant impact on thousands of small business owners and residential consumers whose complaints go unnoticed. says the Federal Government and the regulators are not doing enough, as they are too slow to enforce consumer protection codes, and they are ignoring the fact that consumers pay for services they do not receive. has created a Telco whitepaper that explains why consumers are fed up with unreliable and insincere Telco business practices. Click here to view the Telco whitepaper. has written to Telstra and Optus, asking specific questions and what they are doing to improve consumer confidence in Telco services. Click here to view the letter sent to Telstra. Click here to view the letter sent to Optus.

Telstra provided the following response. Click here to view Telstra's response.

We rate the response from Telstra 1 out of 5 stars

Optus provided the followibng response. Click here to view Optus's response.

We rate the response from Optus 2 out of 5 stars


Issue Spotlight: Aged Care


We need your help to raise awareness on significant issues in the services provided by aged care facilities in Australia.

There have been many complaints in the media about the mismanagement and mistreatment of our elderly in aged care residences.

We want you to tell us about your experience with aged care facilities, including how government organisations and any authority has handled your complaint.

Your complaint will be anonymous (that is the personal details of the person submitting the complaint are never disclosed without consent), but the nature of the complaint is shared publicly so we can find out how many others have the same issue, and create real change.

Click here to raise an issue with Aged Care.




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  • You register an anonymous* complaint with against an organisation or government department eg internet disruptions, aged care issues, health care, product faults and poor services.
  • issue. watch will run a campaign to find out who else has a similar complaint to your complaint, (we will not disclose any of your personal details).
  • Where we establish there is a trend of similar complaints, we will investigate; publicise and work jointly with decision makers to change business practices for better community outcomes.

We also encourage you to complain direct to the organisation, and you will find customer complaint templates here.

* Personal information, including your email address is required to register a complaint, however we will not disclose personal information to any third party without your consent, and as required by law.


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