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About us



Welcome to, an independent organisation established by a group of individuals who want to raise awareness, about issues that matter to the community. was founded by Anastasia Willis, Solicitor and Economics Graduate, who believes government and non government organisations are too slow to deal with important consumer issues, and often the final decisions are not fair or equitable.

“ is a public forum, where consumers can voice their opinion, these opinions are amalgamated to identify trends in consumer complaints, so that organisations are forced to acknowledge significant consumer issues, and are forced to act” (Anastasia Willis)

We have created a free, safe, yet public place to share your issues, and make your complaint count. We want to help you use your complaint to create change.

We are building a community movement who want to see issues fixed.


The website invites subscribers to raise an issue, this may be a complaint against a product or service, with an individual, an organisation, industry or a government agency.

We want to know who else has a similar complaint, so we collate complaints about the same issue or organisation to identify trends.

When there is a high volume of complaints, we advocate on behalf of the many people impacted by the issue.


Do you have a complaint or issue, for example; insurance and financial services; aged care; utilities; environment; food; health care; employment issues; defective products; poor and unreliable service; against a government departments or agency; than is for you.

Do you want to know how many other people are impacted by the same issue? – is for you.

Do you want to know the issues that impact our community? – is for you.

Do you want to be part of the solution? - is for you.

Whilst complaints and issues listed on the website are opinion only, (as the information cannot be initially verified), we will further investigate trending complaints and issues, and raise our concerns with relevant organisations, Member of Parliament and consumer advocacy groups.

HOW IT WORKS collects complaints and issues made by consumers (individuals and business entities) at any one time.

A consumer may make more than one complaint.

You must register on the website to raise an issue, as we need to know you are a real person. We want genuine complaints.

Information on each complaint is categorised by: industry, organisation, product and service, with details about the complaint. We collate complaints so you can see how many people have a similar complaint about the same issue. may, at its discretion further investigate complaints and when we receive a high volume of complaints we will raise the issue with the organisation, industry and government organisations, and strive to find a solution. lists businesses according to their public and recognisable trading/brand name. Where a business is part of a larger group (eg: different branches, franchises or stores in a chain), they may be grouped under the same name. collects public information such as the brand names used by consumers, are the names recognised by the consumer.

A large corporate group, operating a variety of business structures, and brands may still be listed under the entity or commercial business name.

PRIVACY POLICY will not disclose personal details about a complainant, their name or email address. No one can see your name or contact details. Only with the complainants written consent we may disclose an email or contact addresses, for the purpose of resolving a complaint.

For further details please go to's Privacy Policy.

Further information about the website can be found in Terms & Conditions.